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Woman with wild and curly hair looks like Elizabeth Taylor reincarnated after makeover

June 16th, 2021

Sometimes, you get so busy that you no longer have time to take care of yourself.

It’s easy to read tips on how to stay beautiful and youthful. In fact, you can find numerous tips, product suggestions, and even professional tricks on how you can stay beautiful every day.

Who wouldn’t want to be beautiful?

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The reality is, not all women have the luxury of money and time. Sometimes, you have to work more than one job and also be a full-time mother.

It’s tough, it drains you, and in the long run, you just look in the mirror, and you realize that you have lost your sparkle.

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Christopher Hopkins wants these types of stories. He wants to help women through beauty.

This entrepreneur, cyber-star, entertainer, author, and makeup expert is known to many as The Makeover Guy.

On his website, you’ll read, “Uplifting lives through beauty.”

Christopher takes pride in his mission to help women over 45 and transforming not just their physical appearance but also their confidence and their sense of self-worth.

Feeling good about yourself is important, and indeed, it can change lives.

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Meet Dianne from St. Louis Park, Minnesota who was about to turn 62 when the video was posted last 2019. She was among the few ladies who were given a chance to meet the Makeoverguy.

“I haven’t done anything for a while except for focus on the stuff that I should be doing, and now I’m gonna do what I want to do and focus on me,” she said in her interview.

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Time flies, and while you are so busy with all your responsibilities, you just realize that you’re getting older and have lost your beauty and confidence.

This is where The Makeoverguy steps in.

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Dianne already has lots of gray hair, and aside from that, she has dry and very curly hair. Since maintaining curly hair takes time, she just opted to tie her hair up.

The Makeoverguy focused on her hair. He dyed her hair and made it straight; he also treated her hair to give it life.

He then put on light makeup for Dianne to accentuate her beautiful eyes.

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“You dream of it as you grow older. How can I recapture the sparkle in your eye that you had when you were young, just naturally, and you’ve achieved that,” Dianne explains how Christopher succeeded in his goal.

This beautiful lady wanted the confidence to face the world again. She wants to focus on herself now that she’s retired, and she knows that it’s not too late to be beautiful and to find her lifetime companion.

Age shouldn’t stop us from dreaming, and it’s never too late to enjoy life.

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Dianne has lived a fruitful life, and now, with Christopher’s help, she’s a brand new person who’s very gorgeous and excited to face the world.

“I don’t know who this person is. I knew this would be exciting and amazing, but I had no idea I could look like this,” she exclaimed as she saw herself in the mirror.

She even looks like Elizabeth Taylor!

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Dianne looks like a Hollywood actress, and we’re sure that many will find her stunning!

“You’ve given me that sparkle and glow that you just lose over time. I appreciate that. That’s priceless,” Dianne says as she thanks the Makeoverguy for another great job.

Watch the whole video to see Dianne’s transformation. Don’t forget to follow The Makeoverguy for more inspiring beauty transformations.

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